About Us

In a nutshell, Cleaning and Care Barking is a professional service provider dealing with a variety of technical cleaning services. We hold all necessary licensing, qualification, registration and insurance – just as expected and required of a professional business operation. Our private and commercial customers enjoy nothing short of exceptional quality service at very reasonable prices, which mind you is one of our key business philosophies – good value for money and affordability without cutting corners.

When we founded the company some years ago, we had a clear idea of what we wanted and how were we to get there. As most things in life though, getting there wasn’t as easy as we thought but hard work, dedication, punctuality and some sacrifice put us on the right track and helped us built up the business. First we had to build up our reputation and business credibility because the sea of cleaning companies out there is full of other players who will be more than happy to take your place in the sun should you put a foot wrong. Luckily though we had a great team of people around us, who were (and still are) just as dedicated and determined to succeed as we are. Obviously this was one of our biggest advantages over competitors – the right people on our side. We never underestimate the importance of staff and this shows on every level of our business.

Expertise and skillset was also something we needed to work on – originally we were a small operation with a limited technical capacity and budget (although we had plenty of go and stamina for the road ahead). Shortly after though hard work and punctuality began paying off – we were seeing growing customer numbers, return customers as well as regular ones. And that was exactly what we wanted – we were doing a good job at a decent price, and people appreciated it. We in turn appreciated the work that was coming in but that didn’t mean we were ready to settle down and reap the benefits, no. In fact we wanted to further and be even better – the constant strive for improvement and innovation is also a key characteristic of our business and the way we do things. We value each and every one of our customers and understand that clients are amongst the most important assets a business is lucky to have. The way we conduct ourselves revolves around meeting customer requirements in the most professional and affordable fashion.