Being a professional and experienced business operation, we are well aware of the importance of accurate service pricing.

Whether selling oranges or carpet cleaning, if the price isn’t right then even the best product or service would be ignored by its intended clientele – not a good scenario to take part in. With our company the price is always right, and people are guaranteed to receive the most value for their money, regardless of how basic or elaborate their requirements. Our pricing is fair, competitive and doesn’t include any hidden fees or unmentioned additional charges.

The price list we maintain is constantly reviewed and adjusted to reflect changes in the industry as well as certain external factors which also affect us. The quotes we prepare for our customers are accurate and reflect the true scale of the task at hand. If a quoted price needs to be amended in the course of our work, we will never do so without informing customers and explaining why the due changes in cost. We maintain bespoke pricing on most services in store as to meet individual budget needs of our customers. Speak to our advisors for information on preferential pricing, special deals and discounts you may be eligible for.