Terms and Conditions

Like any other business organisation out there we conduct ourselves according to certain rules which in commercial lingo are commonly called Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions outline and regulate the relationship we have with our clients and also clarify the rules and responsibilities of each party of this agreement. Using our services means customers agree to our rules and conditions so please take the time to read through these carefully prior to committing.

The regulations listed in our so called disclaimer are to the benefit of both customers and company, and do not intend to mistreat or publicise any information, discussions or other communication between customers and company in the course of our contractual relationship. Understanding the terms and conditions of using our services will save both parties potential confusion and frustration in the case of disputes, so once again take the time and effort to read and understand these rules. We know that reading through the fine print is a pain in the neck but it must be done for a smooth and productive business relationship. If you find any of these terms to be unclear, please let us know and we will do our best to explain and clarify.